INCREAS Symposium October 2022

25.10.2022, 9:00


Innovation and Creative Solutions for Cultural Heritage

Heritage Skills – Past, Present and Future


09:00 10:00 Reception and Registration
10:00 10:10 Welcome Messages Reinhold Sahl

Bert Ludwig

Astrid Huber-Reichl

Burghauptmannschaft Österreich

European Heritage Volunteers

Bundesdenkmalamt / Information and Training Centre for Monument Conservation – Kartause Mauerbach

10:10 10:45 Introductions

Educational Programme of the Information and Training Centre for Monument Conservation

European Heritage Volunteers Programme

EU Project INCREAS: Innovation and Creative Solutions


Astrid Huber-Reichl

Bert Ludwig

Gerald Wagenhofer






10:45 11:00 Keynote Speech: “Documentation of traditional handicrafts throughout Spain and strategies for their conservation and dissemination” Valentina Cristini


Technical School of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Valencia
11:00 11:45 Session 1: Traditional craftmanship skills related to wood
Traditional Carpentry in Lithuania Aistė Lazauskienė Deputy Director for Museology at the Open-Air Museum of Lithuania
Traditional techniques used in wooden architecture in Bulgaria Kubrat Milev Architect & member of Association Meshtra – Traditional knowledge and crafts
Conservation of traditional wooden architecture in the Russian North
Vladimir Pajic
Restorer & President of Executive Board of Centre for Cultural Heritage Serbia
Moderation: Bert Ludwig
11:45 12:30 Session 2: Traditional craftmanship skills related to stone and plaster
Traditional lime plasters – European Heritage Training Course at Mauerbach Charterhouse Karl Stingl /
Tonya Atanasova 
Specialist in historical materials & traditional craft techniques at Mauerbach
Traditional masonry techniques Mojmír Choma Archaeologist, Geologist, Dendrochronologist & President of Tematín Castle Association, Slovakia
Conservation of dry-stone walls & Reconstruction of historic paths at the UNESCO World Heritage site Classical Weimar, Germany Andreas Pahl Consultant for the Department of Gardens and Parks at Klassik Siftung Weimar
Moderation: Vladimir Pajic
12:30 13:30 Lunch Break incl. Networking
13:30 14:15 Session 3: Traditional craftmanship skills related to various materials
Ceramics and handcraftsman-ship at Casa Batlló – Reinventing tradition in Barcelona, Spain Amilcar Vargas World Heritage Manager at Casa Batlló
Rethinking of fresco techniques Danjel Milivojevic International Secretary of Centre for Cultural Heritage Serbia
Traditional clay construction techniques Astrid Huber-Reichl Information and Training Centre for Monument Conservation – Kartause Mauerbach
Moderation: Teresa Novoa
14:15 15:00 Session 4: Traditional craftmanship skills related to wood
Endangered eremite chapels at Prespa Lake in Albania Bert Ludwig / Melanie Amann Director of European Heritage Volunteers


Missing pieces – Endangered Roman mosaics in Kosovo Tome Filov Mosaic Conservator-Restorer; Affiliated Professor at the Fine Arts Academy of Skopje, North Macedonia
Endangered vernacular architecture in Montenegro Bert Ludwig Director of European Heritage Volunteers
Moderation: Vladimir Pajic
15:00 15:45 Session 5: The relevance of transmitting traditional craftsmanship skills to strengthen the cultural identity of local communities
Traditional heritage skills at the UNESCO World Heritage site Erzgebirge / Krušnohoří mining
landscape of Germany / Czech Republic
Angélica Vedana Historian
The challenge of passing down heritage skills and promoting community development – Lime and clay in Alentejo, Portugal Teresa Novoa Project Manager at Spira – Revitalização Patrimonial
Tactics for mobilising a local community in the protection of wooden houses Ed Caroll Member of the Žemųjų Šančiai Community Association, Lithuania
Moderator: Bert Ludwig
15:45 16:00 Break
16:00 16:30 Session 6: The relevance of transmitting heritage skills for young heritage professionals
Panel discussion with emerging heritage professionals Melanie Amann

Tonya Atansaova

Niklas Graß

Anna Grigorieva

Angélica Vedana


MA Architecture

MA Architecture & student World Heritage Studies

MA World Heritage Studies

Historian & MA in Cultural Heritage

16:30 17:00 Session 7: Heritage skills – The perspective of stakeholders Reinhold Sahl

Michaela Kubíková

Astrid Huber-Reichl

Burghauptmann, Burghauptmannschaft Österreich

Director of the National Trust of Slovakia

Director of Information and Training Centre for Monument Conservation

Moderator: Gerald Wagenhofer
17:00 Closing Statements
Statements from: B. Ludwig, A. Huber, R. Sahl


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