The FLIP2 Pilot project INCREAS is going into extension to compensate for the setbacks of the Covid19 pandemic. In addition to the 50 or so workshops already held, 5 conferences – often spontaneously scheduled as needed – will be held in the last quarter of 2022 and the first months of the new year. These conferences refer to previous workshops, sub-projects´ outcomes and specific built Cultural Heritage topics, and aim for a much higher visibility of the sub-sector’s specifies. It never ceases to amaze, that in the field of built Cultural Heritage, and in particular of endangered building crafts, there is almost no scientific research.

INCREAS, among others, has set itself the goal of changing this. In the activities of the Pact for Skills, traditional building trades also tend to fall through the grate: one factor is that they are assigned to the Construction Sector, but do not meet the modern requirements there or have other needs. The fact that these trades are currently not assigned to CCIs or not being represented there, which was one of the main reasons for submitting the INCREAS project in the first place, is the other factor that makes traditional trades the most neglected part of the sector, so to speak. Through active networking and numerous events, it was possible to initiate a change in thinking that will bear fruit in the medium and long term. This became particularly clear in workshops and conferences on the “ESCO Portal” in cooperation with FLIP3 and “Skills at Risk”, which directly addressed these issues. INCREAS also participated in the event “Pact for Skills: Developing regional partnerships – Good practices from CoVEs, Cluster platform and 3S regions” on 4 October 2022 and ” Pact for Skills: Synergies for skills partnerships under the Pact” on 12 December 2022. Thus, regional partnerships will be envisaged in the future to strengthen the sub-sector.

A major INCREAS closing event in Brussels will present the main findings and next steps to an international audience. Details on the exact date will be available here in January 2023.

More information on INCREAS is available here